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 Join our Table Toppers for all Seasons Classes. Sign up for one or all of them, you decide!
Class fee is $55 includes fabric kit.
One book is required for all. 
December 2nd- Bundle Up Buddies bundle-up-buddies
January 13th- Hugs and Kisses hugs and kisses
February 3rd- St. Pat Gnome st-pat-gnome
March 3rd- Bunny Hop Baskets bunny-hop-baskets

Open Sew

*PIP 6-9pm with Teacher, $60/4 classes bi-weekly.

*MG Friday 9am-2pm, $35/ 3 sessions, 2nd Friday of the month.

*PhD Thursdays 10am-3pm, $50/4 weeks.


*Beginner Quilting Day $90 + book/ 4 sessions

*Beginner Quilting Night $90 + book/ 6 sessions every other week,



  • 395 Ontario St., St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
  • Ph: (289) 362-1443
  • Hours: Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 8am-4pm,
  • Wednesday 8am-6pm, Saturday 8am-12pm EST,
  • Closed Sun-Mon